The Scarlet Letter


I need to relate the three main characters (Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth) to each of the following themes:

1. Revenge destroys both the victim and the seeker.


2. We must accept responsibility for our actions or suffer the consequences.

If you could help me out with any/all of this, that would be great :) thank you!

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psycholigicl effect of sin in Scarlet Letter

OK English 11 student, help Rachel out. Relate Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth to the following themes: revenge destroys both the victim and the seeker and we must accept responsibility for our actions or suffer the consequences. Who is the novel was seeking revenge? Why? What consequences did it have on the main characters? Who took responsibility for their actions? Who did not? What were the consequences of doing so? This will count as your journal and bell ringer grade for the day. You are to respond in complete sentences. Grammar and spelling count. This is NOT a text message. You will use appropriate language and be respectful to one another. Have fun. See what dialogue you can stir up in cyber space.

well the seeker was chillingworth and i guess the victim was dimmesdale, and #2 if dimmesdale would had confessed he wouldn't have been suffering and i guess that was the concequence

chillingworth wants to get revenge of dimmesdale cause he had an affair with hester. and chillingworth was hesters husband thats why he wants revenge. hester had an affair with dimmesdale and hester kept it a secret for so long that chillingworth became so obsessed with trying to figure out who she had an affair with. so chillingworth finaly found out that it was dimmesdale and by that time dimmesdale was dying of guilt that he had hidden a crime for so song he died.

Revenge; An action, of a jealous persona, but this topic falls within a fictional man, by the name of Roger Chillingworth. A man who seeks revenge against Dimmesdale, why? Because Hester had an affair, and had a child, named Pearl. And after the story goes on, Chillingworth finds out who she had an affair with, and goes utterly insane, with thoughts of revenge, and strife. Why Chillingworth was so mad, was because Hester and Chillingworth were married once before, but it doesn't help Chillingworth left for quite a while, and in all honesty, who knew that he would return from a hiatus, without knowing the reason for taking it? It was an act of loss and a waste of time if you think in Hester's point of view, and waiting on someone who left for no reason, isn't worth the time waiting for. Who took action for their consequences? Hester & Dimmesdale, they both stood on the scaffold, and asked for forgiveness; Hester had the letter upon her chest, and so did Dimmesdale. Denial wasn't an option, otherwiese it'd haunt them more than usual, or more than it does without knowing they did it, even though they never denied it. Chillingworth was too stubborn to actually take any responsability for his actions, as well as arrogant over Dimmesdale, but hiding his real feelings and secrets, and putting on an act towards Dimmesdale. If you look at it from a different angle, Chillingworth had his consequences, his hiatus from Hester's life, and in affect, it caused the affair, so its his own fault for leaving in the first place. And letting strife get to you, will only end everything with worse off, since its hard to control your actions, after something tragic had took its place.

Well first off the person seeking revenge is Chillingworth. Why? because Dimmesdale had an committed adultery with his wife Hester. And during the story Chillingworth tortures Dimmesdale in a non-physical way. At the end of the movie when Dimmesdale departs from the world, Chillingworth has becomes so obsessed with trying to make Dimmesdale suffer that when Dimmesdale dies, Chillingworth has nothing to live he "shrivles up ad dies." And the taking responsibility for their actions may relate to Hester because it takes two to make a child, but yet Hester is the only one taking the shame for it.

Chillingworth wanted revenge for Hester commiting adultery with Dimmesdale, but he doesn't know who she cheated on him with so he chages his name to Chillingworth and says he is a doctor. He gets lucky by finding that Dimmesdale is the one who commited the sin with Hester and he exacts his revenge by torturing him, as he gives him "medicine" which slowly kills Dimmesdale. Hester knows that Chillingworth is her husband but he tells her not to say a word and "no harm will come to him" but she ends up telling him 7 YEARS LATER. Hester has to stand on the scaffold 3 times in her life for her punishment. god knows why it has to be 7 years apart but thats the way that world turns so i can't complain. on the third punishment... or maybe the second, Hester has to stand on the scaffold for a little while but she had made plans for Dimmesdale, Pearl and herself to leave on a ship to london but Chillingworth knows and books passage on the same ship, but then Dimmesdale comes up on the scaffold with Hester and confesses to the public that he is the father of Pearl, the guilt of the sin was to much for him to bear, so he confessed but he was to sick with the "medicine" that Chillingworth gave him he was about to die, so he confessed and died. then some other stuff happens but i forgot... ya... wassup Will!!!!

In the novel Chillingworth was trying to seek revenge because Hester was/is his wife and she had an affair Dimmesdale and ended up gettin pregnant. The consequences Hester had to suffer was sitting on the scaffold and having the baby. Hester and Dimmesdale were in love and wanted to run off but Chillingworth doesn't want them too. They plan on leaving but it doesn't happen.

In the novel "The Scarlet Letter" Chillingworth was trying to get revenge on Dimmesdale because him and Hester have an affair. Chillingworth became so obsessed with trying to get revenge on Dimmesdale. and started to like follow Hester and their daughter Pearl in the end as they tried to leave to start all over.

Hester had an affair with Dimmesdale and that was the father of her child but she also had an husband named Chillingworth and that was against the law to have an affair with someone else if you was married. In the story Hester comminted adultery so she suffered her own actions for doing that she knew better but instead she wanted to act like she didn't know so in the end she payed for the consequences by being with Dimmesdale. Also Dimmesdale took care of his actions by going to jail and standing on the scaffold so he took care of his own actions he knew he messed up he knew better not to have an affair but instead he messed up but thats what happens. Chillingworth by any means also knew he messed up by leaving Hester he must of not have been doing something right to her if Hester didn't want to be with her own husband that's why she messed around and had a baby with Dimmesdale but that's just what happens. Now Chillingworth is looking dumb. They all took care of their own actions they knew better not to do all that nonsense.

Marisella. Don't second guess yourself by saying "I guess." You were right on the money with your responses. I would have liked to have seen a little more elaboration and detail and a little more attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Jeff, you did a nice job of relaying the details of this situation. Be more mindful of using correct writing conventions (especially capital letters).

You make some good points. Hester really is the only one who takes responsibility for her actions. She is put in jail, must stand on the scaffold, wear the scarlet letter and live in public scrutiny for her entire life. And not just Hester, but her child too. Do you think that the only way that a person can take responsibility for their actions is in public?

Yes, Cela. All of your observations are correct. I especially like the point you bring up about them being in love. They didn't just have a one night stand. They honestly loved each other and considered the other person their soul mate. So, was their sin of adultery more or less serious than Chillingworth's sin of revenge.

Corrine, what was the consequences of Chillingrworth's obsession? You make a valid point. What do you think was Hawthorne's "message" about getting so obsessed about one thing that it controls your life?

Dimmesdale didn't actually go to jail. It took 7 years before he would even admit to it and Hester kept his secret because she loved him. They all do suffer certain consequences. Dimmesdale's guilt is so strong that he becomes sick and weak and eventually dies. It is believed that Chillingworth, under the guise of a doctor, gave him "medicine" that slowly poisoned him.

Will: You bring up some valid points. (I hope they were all yours and there wasn't some copying and pasting going on). Even with all you reported, who do you think is the bad guy or all they all victims?

Chace, all of what you say is right on. However, about half way through your post you "lose it" with correct mechanics. Is all of this yours?