The Scarlet Letter

Really need help with this essay question on Scarlet Letter. Been stuck for hours! :(

How can Hester Brynner be seen as an early American feminist fighting for her rights as an individual in keeping with the spirit of the founding principles of American society? Use texts and research to prove your point

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I'm sorry, this is a short-answer, text related question forum. We cannot assist you with essays or writing assignments. Also, are you referring to Hester Prynne?

I do not see Hester as a feminist, she is a survivor. She took her punishment, raised her daughter, and in the process became known as the woman she truly was. She didn't allow anyone to dictate who she was as a woman, but she didn't stop them from trying.... she simply proved everyone else wrong. She was strong, driven, and tenacious..... none-the-less, I do not see a feminist argument in her character.