The Scarlet Letter


OK so I had to turn in my social studies homework in yesterday but then I forgot it and now I am gonna be in HUGE trouble if I don't turn it in! So, the teacher asked me where is my social studies homework and then I said "I don't know," and then the teacher stares at me like I had dropped down from Mars into Earth like I was also an alien or something. So then she grabs me by the ear and yells, "YOU'D BETTER TURN IN YOUR SOCIAL STUDIES HOMEWORK BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK OR ELSE YOU'RE NOT PARTICIPATING IN OUR ANNUAL PUMPKIN FESTIVAL ON THE 17TH OF OCTOBER SO YOU'D BETTER TURN IT IN OR ELSE I'M KICKING YOU OUT OF THE CLASSROOM AND REPLACING YOU WITH MR. ROACH!" I was shocked because I know exactly who Mr. Roach is. (He's a real jerk and he knows how to chew people out if we do something stupid).

o now basically I'm a victim of BOTH Mr. Roach, and my social studies teacher Mrs. Callora. If you have any tips on this please I suggest you help me before its too late! :)

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Sounds like you are in big trouble aren't you? Tell her that you forgot it.

Be completely honest. tell her what happened and be sincere about it and then make sure to bring it in asap.