The Scarlet Letter

In three paragraphs, explain whose sin is worse: Dimmesdale's or Chillingworth's and what each of their sins were.

please provide examples and choose a side.


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Chillingworth is pretty much evil incarnate. He shows up to basically hunt down whoever impregnated Hester. He seems to have very little interest in Hester anyway. Most of the story has Chillingworth trying to create a twisted relationship with Dimmesdale. Chillingworth seems only to want to control Dimmesdale and slowly torture him. He poisons Dimmesdale and messes with his mind on a regular basis. It becomes apparent that his original plan to seek out Dimmesdale as the adulterer of his wife gets lost in tormenting his room mate. Dimmesdale really isn't such a bad guy. He is pretty cowardly for much of the story. He lets Hester cary the guilt of adultery but he deserves a little slack. He is a product and symbol of the pious Puritan. Unlike Chillingworth, Dimmesdale's guilt tortures him. Although he finally "mans up" and confesses, his guilt and creepy relationship with Chillingworth kills him. Chillingworth is so twisted that he pleads with Dimmesdale not to confess lest his hold over the frail priest should loosen.

but who are you supporting then

and what were their sind

and i need examples

but this is very helpful

Chillingworth is clearly the one who has sinned the worst. Take a look at what I wrote and the examples are there. For quotes you will have to go to the text. I don't have the book with me at the moment. Hope this helped a little though.