The Scarlet Letter

in the scarlet letter how does dimmesdale finally escape chillingworth?

in the end of the book when dimmesdale is about to reveal his secret to the town

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In chapter 23 Dimmesdale finally "mans up" and tells the world, or at least the village, about his sexual and spiritual indiscretions. This is probably his finest moment in the book. Chillingworth instantly realizes that his creepy hold on Dimmesdale has been severed. As Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold unburdening himself, Chillingworth cries, “Thou hast escaped me!” It’s all pretty feeble. Dimmesdale officially tells Chillingworth that their weird relationship is over. Dimmesdale has nothing left to hide and dies in peace. Chillingworth, with nobody to creep out and control anymore, dies a few years after.