The Scarlet Letter

I need 9 quotes from The Scarlet Letter

I need 9 quotes from Hester that exemplifies independence, compassion and intelligence. I can't seem to find any.

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I can give you a few.

In a moment, however, wisely judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another, she took the baby on her arm, and, with a burning blush, and yet a haughty smile, and a glance that would not be abashed, looked around at her townspeople and neighbours. On the breast of her gown, in fine red cloth, surrounded with an elaborate embroidery and fantastic flourishes of gold thread, appeared the letter A. Chapter 2

“God gave her into my keeping,” repeated Hester Prynne, raising her voice almost to a shriek. “I will not give her up!" Chapter 8

"Thou shalt forgive me!" cried Hester, flinging herself on the fallen leaves beside (Dimmesdale). "Let God punish! Thou shalt forgive!" Chapter 17