The Scarlet Letter

How does the Scarlet Letter deflect an Indian arrow?

I have to give a short presentation TOMORROW on how the Scarlet Letter deflects an Indian arrow!! && i have no clue. AND i dont have time to read the book....i cant find it any cliff notes! SOMEONE PLEAE HELP!!!!

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The scarlet letter didn't deflect an Indian arrow. When the prison doors open for Hester the townspeople conjure up something of a mythology about her. During her "exile", Hester is seen as pious; a lady welcoming her punishment, bearing her penance with charity and grace. Some say she is actually holy. So the rumours start. One is that her letter glows at night and another other is that it can stop Indian arrows. You know, kind of like the "S" on Superman except for arrows! The irony of all this would be quite sad if it was not so ridiculous. I know this answer is like two years late but it may help someone else.