The Scarlet Letter

Does Roger feels guilty of what he has caused?

I was reading through the chapters and it shows that the appearance of Roger when Dimmesdale is dying and that before he dies, he gives money to Pearl. So I'm not sure if he gives Pearl money becuase he felt guilty??

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I'm not sure if his actions came from a guilty conscience, or the desire to do something right before his death. Chillingworth dies with nothing more to do, he has no one left to hate..... no scores left to settle. Perhaps he found redemption for his vengeance in bequeathing his property to Pearl. Indeed, he found it in his heart to claim her as his own child, perhaps in recognition that he owed a debt to the spirit of Dimmesdale and that Pearl was never a devil’s child. Pearl has the successful and happy life she would have had if she had been Chillingworth’s legitimate child.