The Scarlet Letter

discuss whether you like dr disliked htis book, and why?

discuss whether you liked or disliked this book, and why

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I loved this book because it gives an indepth look at a very real piece of American history. Men did send their wives to America ahead of them (I don't know how many actually abandoned them). Adultery was committed, children were conceived, and women were ostrasized by the community for their indiscretions. Not so very much has changed, outside of the fact that we no longer allow public punishment. I guess this story just touches the heart..... I find the characters likeable. Well, everyone but Chillingworth. Anyway, the historical aspect of this novel never ceases to attract me as a reader. I've used this story with a number of classes throughout the years, and it's always seemed as if once they got past the way it was written they loved it!


The Scarlet Letter