The Scarlet Letter

Describe the townspeople's reaction to chillingworth's changed appearance, how do they to the continued relationship between the two men ( what do they suspect)?


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The townspeople were initially thrilled to have Chillingworth in town. A skilled physisian was a hrd person to find in the colonies. It is odd that some of the townspeople can sense that Chillingworth may be on the side of the devil. As a matter of morals, we would expect them to side with the cuckolded husband, if they knew his true identity. But for all their strict laws and overreaction to sin, these Puritans can sense the energy of injustice that is growing in Chillingworth’s psyche; they are attuned to it. Thus society is split in half over the man, some seeing him as a helper of Dimmesdale, others seeing him rightfully as the spawn of "The Black Man," having dangerous motives.