The Scarlet Letter


the conclusion is about the movie

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I saw the film a long time ago. I had not read the book yet but thinking back on it now, I know the book pretty well, the movie was awful. Here is a brief review that sums it up pretty well,

Those acquainted with Hawthorne's novel, from which Joffé's long, cumbersome, at times unintentionally Python-esque, period saga was 'freely adapted', may think they know the outcome. They'd be wrong, because the word 'freely' in the opening credits should have read 'ever so freely'. Not only does the film bear little resemblance to the source novel, but it's cluttered with ridiculous symbolism (a Dayglo bird signposts Hester's way, Duvall dances around with a dead deer on his head) and filtered through a horrid chocolate-ad score.