The Scarlet Letter

chillingsworth sin

what was the consequence for chillingsworth sin

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Chillingworth admits his sin to Hester in the following quote;

"We have wronged each other. Mine was the first wrong, when I betrayed thy budding youth into a false and unnatural relation with my decay."

"Between you and me," he says, "the scale hangs fairly balanced."

"But, Hester, the man lives who has wronged us both."

Chillingworth sees the result of his sin in the Dimmesdale's adultery with his wife and consequent birth of their daughter. After this...... it's simply revenge.

but what was the consequence after the revenge

Without Dimmesdale, Chillingworth has no one to take revenge against. Thus, he has no reason to live. Chillingworth dies.


The Scarlet Letter

He dies.

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