The Scarlet Ibis

what are the 3 examples of foreshadowing doodles death?(from the scarlet ibis)

can be briefly explained

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The doctor warns the family about Doodle's limitations.

The doctor had said that he mustn't get too excited, too hot, too cold, or too tired and that he must always be treated gently.

Death foreshadowed by Belleau Wood.

And during that summer, strange names were heard through the house: Chateau-Thierry, Amiens, Soissons, and in her blessing at the supper table, Mama once said, "And bless the Pearsons, whose boy Joe was lost at Belleau Wood."

The dead bird (the scarlet Ibis) foreshadows Doodle's death.

"Dead birds is bad luck," said Aunt Nicey, poking her head from the kitchen door. "Specially red dead birds!"


The Scarlet Ibis