The Scarlet Ibis

Is pride a good thing?


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Within the context of this story, it is not a good thing. The narrator allows his pride to cloud his compassion and blind him to Doodle's limitations. He is too proud to accept having a disabled brother, and this is why he takes every measure he can to teach Doodle to do able-bodied things. Because of his pride, he does these things more with his own benefit in mind than his brother's. This story is a clear condemnation of blinding and debilitating pride, since the narrator's pride brings about the eventual death of Doodle. Outside of the context of this story, Pride can be good or bad depending on the circumstances.



It can be. But it can also be your downfall. For example, pride can help drive you to do well in class, or to achieve a goal. But it can also obstruct you. If your pride causes you to not ask for help even when you know that its needed is one example. Pride can also make you ignorant. It can make you have a superiority complex. And can hurt others around you. Such was the case with poor Doodle. His brother's pride and ignorance as well as intolerance of the disabled lead him to push Doodle too far. Which eventually led to his ultimate downfall. So all in all, it depends on the situation if pride is a good thing or not.