The Rocking-Horse Winner

a controlling image is a single image tbat extends throughout a literary work and shapes itseaning . review the story looking for lines in which lawrence describes pauls eyes . what does this repeated image draw attention to??

pleasee help

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From the text:

"...his eyes had a strange glare in them."

"But Paul only gave a blue glare from his big, rather close-set eyes."

"Well, I got there!" he announced fiercely, his blue eyes still flaring, and his sturdy long legs straddling apart."

"The boy gazed at his uncle from those big, hot, blue eyes, set rather close together. The uncle stirred and laughed uneasily."

"The child had never been to a race meeting before, and his eyes were blue fire."

"The child, flushed and with eyes blazing, was curiously serene."

"The boy watched him with big blue eyes, that had an uncanny cold fire in them, and he said never a word."









The Rocking Horse Winner