The Road

Section 2 pages 8-17 proper answers for each

Section 2 - pages 8-17
Vocabulary:​gully, enshroud, mote, temporal, gryke, transom, shoals, ​cauterized, autistic, vestibular, chronicle, declination, matrix, rotunda
1) What does the father mean when he says, “You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget?” (12) Suggest memories he is trying to keep, and sights or experiences he wishes he could forget about.
2) “...The blackened shapes of rock standing up out of the shoals of ash and billows of ash blowing downcountry through the waste.” (14) Why do you think McCarthy uses the imagery of the ocean to describe the landscape?
3) There are words being used in this novel which are new to our language - “slutlamp” (7), “scabland” (16), “bloodcults” (16) are some examples. What do these terms mean? Why is McCarthy combining words in this way?
4) What are the man"s main concerns, other than avoiding other people? Why?

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1) Slut-lamp- This speaks for itself, this would be a lamp-post where prostitutes stand in order to ply their wares.

2) Scabland- a rough, barren land

3) Bloodcults- cannibals

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The Road