The Road

Section 10 Page 114-130 q 3

What happens at night in the house?

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In a toolshed, the father finds packets of seeds, which he keeps. He also finds some gasoline. Nearby, he realizes that something is hidden underneath the grass. The man digs up the dirt and finds a door, and the boy becomes upset because he does not want his father to open the door. The two of them improvise a lamp and then return to the door in the ground.

Beneath the door, the man finds a bunker full of untouched food, along with other useful items like utensils. They enjoy a can of pears and peaches for dinner. The boy goes to sleep inside the bunker, while the man finds more useful items: clothes, soap, tools, toothpaste, and so on. Though he finds cartridges and rifle shells, he does not find a gun. Finally, the man also sleeps.

Upon awakening, the boy finally enjoys a proper meal of coffee, ham, and biscuits. The boy wants to thank whoever left behind all of this food, but he thinks he does not know how. “Yes you do. You know how to say thank you” (123). Finally, the boy offers a kind of prayer: “Dear people, thank you for all this food and stuff … We’re sorry that you didn’t get to eat it and we hope that you’re safe in heaven with God” (123).

The father heats up water to make a bath for his son. They both can finally clean themselves of the accumulated dirt and grime, then put on the new clothes they have discovered. The boy asks how long they can stay in the bunker, and his father answers that they must leave in a couple of days because it is dangerous. The man attempts to hide their location by putting a mattress over the latch door above them. While the boy sleeps, he whittles fake bullets out of wood to give their pistol the appearance of being fully loaded.

In the nearby town, they find a working shopping cart. Back at the bunker, the man cuts his son’s hair and his own, then shaves. They enjoy another lavish dinner before going to bed. They stay at the bunker yet another day to eat and sleep, especially since the weather is rainy. The man and the boy collect what they will take from the bunker to load the cart. The next day, they leave.