The Road


How does the conflict of man vs nature develop the plot of The Road?

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The conflict of man vs nature isn't so much based on the scientific details of natural catastrophes, as the result of humanities reactions to them. He asks us to imagine what life would be like..... what we would be like. Human networks, as we know them, have been completely destroyed. Everyone is forced to look out for their own welfare, their own survival, and band of people rather than acting as community become gangs that turn against each other as quickly as they work together. Animals, and what they mean to our lives are depicted as a distant memory. The food chain has all but disappeared. No grass, no fields, no crops, and no animals. 

"There was yet a lingering odor of cows in the barn and he stood there thinking about cows and he realized they were extinct. Was that true? There could be a cow somewhere being fed and cared for. Could there? Fed what? Saved for what? Beyond the open door the dead grass rasped dryly in the wind" 


The Road/ Page 120