The Road

Are the cannibals "good" or "evil"? why

good vs. evil

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I suppose the cannibals might have been good at one time but the circumstances have led them to these horrible acts. So, are they evil? I think that Cormac McCarthy's intention is to illustrate how humanity can be sucked out of people when disaster strikes.

true but the book doesn't really tell us about they cannibals background so how can we know for sure that it isn't a religion. Theses Cannibals are doing what they can to survive for the time being. A quote that helps show this side, is : "The Ends Justify the means". So its kind of hard to determine if cannibals are evil or good. In your eyes they may seem evil because they don't do things the same ay as you, In their eyes you may be bad because you don't do the same thing as them. Its mostly based on opinion.