The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

What images remain in in your mind from this poem??

like what images do u have while reading this poem

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I really like this poem. It is an epic adventure filled with raging seas, ice, ghosts and of course an albatross. At times it is harsh and at times the language is gentle. I think though, the important thing is what you see. Consider what the old mariner's ship looked like? It's all in the small details. For that matter, what did the mariner look like (long grey beard, weathered skin, old gum boots)? Consider the endless horizon and the moods of the sea. Think of the Arctic ice, the old ship unable to move. How about the ghost crew working the ship. Also the brilliant white albatross, its wide wings covering the horizon. There is so much here. Just take a look at the poem and close your eyes for awhile. I'm not kidding! At the very least go to GradeSaver's summary see what you see in your mind.

Good Luck!