The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

4 paragraph essayon the mood of the story

i cant think of a good essay w/out copying form wikipedia because last time i did i got an F

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It's not a good idea to copy and paste from anything. It eventually leads to some nasty consequences. I'll give you a good start and a link that has simple notes. Then you need to use this web site and your source text to develop your ideas.

"There is a tone of dread or fear for much of the poem. The description of the curse in a dead men’s eye captures the horror well. The tone becomes happy and full of praise when the mariner expresses his delight at the colours of the water snakes. The tone is grateful when the mariner feels a kind saint took pity on him.

The mood is frightening. The poem is a supernatural horror story. The wedding guest captures and expresses the tone of fear best: ‘I fear thee and thy glittering eye’. The atmosphere is evil: ‘curse’. The burning sea suggests hell. "

Try to look through the actual poem to link the ideas. Like I said, this site can help.