The Return of the Soldier

what is the significance of Kitty's bridal apperance in "return of the soldier"

Kitty's bridal

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kitty's significance it il all about to make Chris to remember their marriage before he went to the war. The wedding dress show kitty's innocence. purity, virginity to Chiris so that he might remember their wedding -day that had taked play ten years ago


the return of Soldier novel West 2011 page 43,50-57

Kitty dressed as a bride in order to impress Chris so that he can fall in love with her and fall out of Margaret. She thought she had a higher claim in their marriage than Margaret does. The reason being that Kitty is the first women that Chris got married to.


Rebecca West, The return of the soldier 2011

To remind chris about their wedding, the dress symbolizes purity this is to make chris fall in love with her again she is hoping that chris will fall out of love rebecca


The return of the soldier