The Red Badge of Courage

Why does Henry think "it would be better to get killed directly"?

A. He would probably be killed eventually, so he might as well get it over with.

B. He was worried he might have a grotesque, life-long injury.

C. He hated his life anyway.

D. He'd rather be dead than wonder and worry about what will happen.

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"Once he thought he had concluded that it would be better to get killed directly and end his troubles. Regarding death thus out of the corner of his eye, he conceived it to be nothing but rest, and he was filled with a momentary astonishment that he should have made an extraordinary commotion over the mere matter of getting killed. He would die; he would go to some place where he would be understood. It was useless to expect appreciation of his profound and fine senses from such men as the lieutenant. He must look to the grave for comprehension."

Chapter 2