The Red Badge of Courage

When was this novel republished - new print run?

Want to know if the book was popular enough that they needed to print more quickly

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The Red Badge of Courage was originally published in 1895, before that it was published in increments for daily or weekly newspapers. It had been published numerous times over the years and has NEVER gone out of print. The novel gave Crane instant notoriety.



Ironically the actual 55000 word novel based on the original manuscript was not published until 1982!! Before that the manuscript seems to have been published in abridged forms in newspapers. It was quite popular but the text that we see today was not scene until 1982. Check out this little history from Wikipedia,

" In early 1894, Crane submitted the manuscript to S. S. McClure, who held on to it for six months without publication.[10] Frustrated, the author asked for the manuscript to be returned, after which he gave it to Irving Bacheller in October.[11] An abbreviated version of Crane's story was first serialized in The Philadelphia Press in December 1894. This version of the story—which was culled to 18,000 words by an editor specifically for the serialization—was reprinted in newspapers across America, establishing Crane's fame.[12] Crane biographer John Berryman wrote that the story was published in at least 200 small city dailies and approximately 550 weekly papers.[13] In October 1895, a version—which was 5,000 words shorter than the original manuscript—was printed in book form by D. Appleton & Company. This version of the novel differed greatly from Crane's original manuscript; the deletions were thought by some scholars to be due to demands by an Appleton employee who was afraid of public disapproval of the novel's content. Parts of the original manuscript removed from the 1895 version include all of the twelfth chapter, as well as the endings to chapters seven, ten and fifteen.[14]"