The Red Badge of Courage

What is the difference between a character which is round and dynamic, and one which is flat and static? Include an example of each type of character, from Red Badge of Courage?

I need a good answer (although I'm sure everyone's answers are AMAZING!) with at least one example from the novel but I read the story a while ago, and I have a very very strict teacher who needs this and a few more questions answered by midnight. Thanks for your answers! I really appreciate it!!

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Flat character- superficial traits. One dimensional. (i.e. wolf in Red Riding Hood)

Round- Many traits that make up a complex character. (you and I are round characters)

Dynamic-a character who fundamentally changes as a result of external/internal forces.

Static- A character who doesn't change by the end of the story.

Henry the protagonist is both dynamic and round.

Henry's mother is pretty flat and static.

Dynamic or round characters are characters that change throughout the story. An example would be Scrooge in A Christmas Carol who changes from being mean and grouchy to caring and giving. This is usually the protagonist.

Static or flat characters do not change throughout the story. They can be an outsider or a character that doesn't play a very important role. An example of this character would be Bob Cractit - Scrooge's clerk in A Christmas Carol who pretty much does not change throughout the story.

Hope this helps!