The Red Badge of Courage

What is a foil? Who acts as a foil in this novel and for whom? Prove your choice by providing specific details.

I need a good answer (although I'm sure everyone's answers are AMAZING!) with at least one example from the novel but I read the story a while ago, and I have a very very strict teacher who needs this and a few more questions answered by midnight. Thanks for your answers! I really appreciate it!!

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A character that reflects (like shiny foil) the attributes of another character is a foil character. One character brings out the traits of another specific character.The cheery soldier helps Henry back to camp after he wanders in, after running away, to camp all disoriented and despondent. The Cheery soldier brings out Henry's inexperience in battle. While the cheery man knows his way around, and perhaps knows exactly what Henry has done or been through, Henry has no clue where to go or what to do. We see opposites of experience and attitude. I think the cheery man has the disposition and experience that Henry strives for. We finally see more of these traits in him by the end of the book.