The Red Badge of Courage

What happens to Jim Conklin? Ch 8-16 Questions

1. What happens to Jim Conklin? How does Henry respond? How does the wounded "tattered man" treat Henry? Why does Henry desert him?

2. Why does Henry envy the other soldiers? How does he become wounded? What is ironic, or contradictory, about his "red badge"?

3. What fear does Henry have as he returns to his regiment? How is he received? What loud remarks does Henry make as the regiment makes to fight?

4. What change does Henry notice in his friend Wilson? How in your opinion does Wilson provide a foil or contrast to Henry?

5. Do you think Henry's thoughts and actions in Chapters 8-16 illustrate some basic tendencies that all human beings have? Explain

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There are too many questions here to answer at one time. You might want to ask them separately. I'll take the first one though.

Jim Conklin ends up dying a very slow and painful death. Still he dies with dignity preferring solitude. Henry is disturbed over the death. The realities of war hit Henry hard. THe tattered man incessantly questions Henry about his wound; he won't shut up. Henry can't stand the man talking and doesn't want to think of his less than glamorous wound.