The Red Badge of Courage

What does the regiment encounter in chapter 3 and what does Henry learn from this?

Henry continues to question his courage.

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They encounter a skirmish but are not involved. The men are nervous and upset. Henry continues to think as the regiment marches. He feels threatened by the landscape. He sees it as full of fierce-eyed enemies. All of a sudden, he is full of distrust of his commanders. He is sure they have led the men into a trap. He must get out; he must be the sole eyes and ears aware of this danger.

The overall mood of the troops is now very serious. They are facing a true test of their mettle very soon, and it affects them in different ways. Primarily, though, the untried men are quiet and absorbed, waiting to face war finally. They are ordered to dig in. Then they are ordered to pull back.

The soldiers become annoyed, asking why they were marched this much if they are not going to face the enemy.