The Red Badge of Courage

To conclude that all "untried men possessed great and correct confidence" was

A) an assertion made by loud Wilson. B) a belief held by tall Jim Conklin. C) a tenant espoused in the Civil War training manuel. D) an assumption on Henry's part

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I think that would be "B".

Upon reading this again you might consider "D". Here is the quote from the chapter,

"The tall private waved his hand. "Well," said he profoundly, "I've thought it might get too hot for Jim Conklin in some of them scrimmages, and if a whole lot of boys started and run, why, I s'pose I'd start and run. And if I once started to run, I'd run like the devil, and no mistake. But if everybody was a-standing and a-fighting, why, I'd stand and fight. Be jiminey, I would. I'll bet on it."

"Huh!" said the loud one.

The youth of this tale felt gratitude for these words of his comrade. He had feared that all of the untried men possessed a great and correct confidence. He now was in a measure reassured."