The Red Badge of Courage

The color blue

In Chapter 5 Stephen Crane uses the color blue to describe two completely different things. Tell me what these things are and how he describes them.

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I am not completely sure on what cranes is describing, but i think that he is describing and using metaphors to help understand the main point a little more. Crane describes the envirement and out doors alot. He uses the color blue to compare the sky and and different colors of water. He also uses the color clue sometimes when he is describing a soilders feelings. He doesnt just flat out tell you what his feelings are, he will use a metaphor of sometype. He also uses the color blue for many other things, but these two things stood out the most to me. I wish that i could learn how to write like this. To use colors in your writing is absolutly amazing.

The two things Crane describes are the landscape and how the soldiers feel. I am not exactly sure how he describes them, but he doesn't just come out and say how the soldiers feel he uses metaphor and color metaphors. He also describes the landscape using color metaphors. The metaphors give a little more meaning to the text and by doing that it explains the feelings and landscapes better than just "plain" writing.

I agree with Kandance that the blue metaphor was used to describe the landscape and the soldiers feelings. It was also used to give the text a little more depth.

I love the way that Crane uses the color blue to describe the soldiers feelings

Kandance and Desiree have really good points, Crane does use colors a lot in his book and the metaphors do give his writing more depth. I love the way that the metaphors that Crane uses draw out pictures in my head and I can really see what is happening in this book.

I agree 100% with Desiree, Crane uses a various amount of ways to describe not just the color blue, but other colors.

I think while reading this book he describes the blue line that seperates the camps. He describes the blue line as raggity. I am not completely sure what word he used while describing the blue line but i do know that it is something along those lines. I don't really know what else he descibes that is blue, but i do know that he is a very, very nice author. He uses metophores and descriptive adjectives to get his point across. The way he describes the camp and the way he uses his language is amazing. I think that Stephen Crane is one of the best authors I know of. I think that he makes his story come alive when he writes, his language is the right language used in that time, and he is unbelievably good.

I totally agree with Tabitha, I think that Cranes use of adjectives is great and it like the way he describes the soldiers. I like the way he puts everything in a reasonable order.

I don't know exactly what he is comparing with the color blue. In this whole book, or what we have successfully read so far, Crane uses a lot of colors to describe things. With all of the different descriptive words he uses, it makes the book easier to understand and more interesting. No, it doesn't make the reading easier, but it sure does make the understanding of the text easier to comprehend.

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