The Red Badge of Courage

quotes from book

i need quotes from the book saying how:

1. he had the effort to join the war

a. how he was young

2. he followed his instincts

3. how in the end he actually joined the battle

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1) "Nevertheless, the next morning he had gone to a town that was near his mother’s farm and had enlisted in a company that was forming there. When he had returned home his mother was milking the brindle cow. Four others stood waiting. “Ma, I’ve enlisted,” he had said to her diffidently. There was a short

silence. “The Lord’s will be done, Henry,” she had finally replied, and had then continued to milk the brindle cow."

a. Still in school

"From his home he had gone to the seminary to bid adieu to many schoolmates. They had thronged about him with wonder and admiration."


Red Badge of Courage

can you do 2 and 3

Yes, give me some time. I have to look through the text in between answering other questions.

Followed his instincts:

"A man near him who up to this time had been working feverishly at his rifle suddenly stopped and ran with howls. A lad whose face had borne an expression of exalted courage, the majesty of he who dares give his life, was, at an instant, smitten abject. He blanched like one who has come to the edge of a cliff at midnight and is sud-denly made aware. There was a revelation. He, too, threw down his gun and fled. There was no shame in his face. He ran like a rabbit."

(Page 37)


Red Badge of Courage

Fighting/ Battle (Blood) Lust

When the enemy seemed falling back before him and his fellows, he went instantly forward, like a dog who, seeing his foes lagging, turns and insists upon being pursued. And when he was compelled to retire again, he did it slowly, sul-lenly, taking steps of wrathful despair. Once he, in his intent hate, was almost alone, and was firing, when all those near him had ceased. He was so engrossed in his occupation that he was not aware of a lull. He was recalled by a hoarse laugh and a sen-tence that came to his ears in a voice of contempt and amazement. “Yeh infernal fool, don’t yeh know enough t’ quit when there ain’t anything t’ shoot at? Good Gawd!”

(Page 87)


Red Badge of Courage