The Red Badge of Courage

questions 13-17

What is the main conflict in the section? (chapters 10-13)

A. Man vs. Nature

B. Man vs. Himself

C. Man vs. Society

D. Man vs. Man

How is Henry wounded?

A. Henry is shot in the head.

B. The bullet just grazes Henry's head.

C. Henry runs into a tree and hurts his head.

D. A soldier hits Henry in the head with his rifle.

How did Henry get back to his regiment?

A. A young, cheerful soldier helped Henry.

B. The tattered man told him where to go.

C. An officer told him where to find his regiment.

D. None of the above.

Identify Wilson.

A. He is the loud soldier.

B. He is the tattered soldier.

C. He is the officer.

D. He is Henry.

Why is it significant that Henry asks Wilson wher he's going to sleep and what he's going to sleep in?

A. Henry doesn't trust Wilson.

B. Finally, Henry seems concerned about someone other than himself.

C. Henry was just making idle conversation.

D. Henry wants to make sure Wilson doesn't use his (Henry's) sleeping bag.

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Hey, you need to submit each question seperately. I'll take the first one here.

"B" Man vs himself. Henry considers, among other things, wheather to return to his regiment with no wounds.