The Red Badge of Courage

in battle

please give me quotes/examples when in the end he was in the battle

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Henry carries the flag in battle.

"'Mr. Hasbrouck!' he ses, 'by th' way, who was that lad what carried th' flag?' he ses. There, Flemin', what d' yeh think 'a that? 'Who was th' lad what carried th' flag?' he ses, an' th' lieutenant, he speaks up right away: 'That's Flemin', an' he's a jimhickey,' he ses, right away. […] and th' colonel, he ses: 'Ahem! ahem! he is, indeed, a very good man t' have, ahem! He kep' th' flag 'way t' th' front. I saw 'im. He's a good un,' ses th' colonel. 'You bet,' ses th' lieutenant, 'he an' a feller named Wilson was at th' head 'a th' charge […] He ses: 'Well, well, well,' he ses. 'They deserve t' be major-generals'"

(Chapter 21)


The Red Badge of Courage