The Red Badge of Courage

I need a description of the superiors in Henrys regiment.

Not what they did in the book, but more their Character and idiosyncrasies.

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The young lieutenant

Identified only through dialogue as Lt. Hasbrouck, the young lieutenant is the commander of Henry's regiment. He is shot in the hand in the first battle and in the arm in the second. He tries to get his men to fight and charge when they are braced with fear. Even when all he can do is curse at his troops, it is clear he may be crass, but he is brave. The young lieutenant's appraisal for Henry's aggressiveness boosts Henry's confidence.

The general

Henry overhears the general speaking to an officer from his regiment. He nonchalantly says that many of the troops will not survive the next charge. After the unsuccessful charge, the general criticizes the regiment. Henry's anger at the man's derision motivates him to act in the next battle.


The young lieutenant also swore profusely during battle, but over time he and Henry develop a close bond and mutual respect. Together, they rally the force and try to keep up moral.


Red Badge of Courage