The Red Badge of Courage


How is courage displayed?

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So far, throughout the book Red Badge of Courage, courage is displayed by all of the men, or young boys that are at the battle field waiting to actually fight. Courage is displayed by them because in order to be shipped of to war, and put your life at risk, you would have to be very brave to face something so dangerous. If the young men and boys did not have courage to do such a dangerous task, I know for a fact that they most likely wouldnt have signed up for war, unless family or law was forcing them to sign their name on the enrollment list.

Courage was displayed, thus far, by not only the young boy who signed up by his own free will, but also by the other men who were enlisted whether by their own doing or the force of others. It would take a lot of courage to even think of enlisting in something so dangerous. Many of the men thought that war would be a blast, but a lot of them are finding out different. It takes a lot of courage to not run away from the camp after finding out how bad war really was!

Your essay answer gave me a new out look on the situation that was before the men that enlisted in the war.


Love the information. Good you think you would have the couarge to withstand what he has to go through?

Good point. Since the book is focused on the main character we tend to loose sight of all who were corageous.

So far in book The Red Badge of Courage, i think that courage is being displayed and portrayed through not just the characters, but their acts as well. The soilders have a abundant amount of courage for signing up for the war, but they also have a lot of courage for pursuing their duty. I do not know from expirence, but war seems to be very scary and you must be beyond brave to take on that challenge. The fear and guilt that lies ahead in the war for Henry and his comrads i can see. Reading this book gives a better understanding of the war's hardships and difficulty's.

I agree 100% with you, it takes A LOT of courage and bravery to not back out of something because it was not what you expected at all! I think that if i was Henry or one of the other younger boys, i would have already ran away!


Interesting points and well said. Do you think it is hard to be courages as a child?


I am glad that you are understanding better.

So far in the story courage has been displayed by all men who signed up to fight. The older soldiers signed up for war after hearing how glorious it could be but at the first sight of battle they didn't run. Another sign of courage was displayed by the youth, he brought up the subject

Courage is displayed throughout the book because in order to put your life on the line to protect something it takes courage. henry left his family and friends to fight for their country and it takes a lot of courage and sacrafice.

You really helped realize that not everyone knows exactly what war is or means

If the men inlisted in the army didnt have courage than they wouldnt have enlisted. They put their lives at risk and to me that takes a lot of courage.

You have a lot of good points, if the men that signed up to put their lives at risk than they have a lot of courage and are very brave.

I personly think that courage was displayed through joining the army and to me that means a lot, i mean who would have the guts to join the army in the first place?

Ms. Hilberg,

I'm not sure if I would be able to have the courage all the men and boys in war had. I would like to say that I would, but I don't want to lie or anything. If I had the chance to go into a battle, I would just keep Jesus in my heart, pray everyday, and be sure not to go off the wrong path with Him. Whatever happens, happens, and I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and it happened because Jesus wanted it to. So yes, I think I would have the courage to do what they do in the field. All it takes is Jesus in your heart, he's all you'll ever need, and you just have to believe in him and trust everything.

I also think you need to consider Henry's mother's courage.

Yeah, that's a great plan. Roxann made a good point.

Henry's mother gave her son and herself courage.

Henry's mother gave her son and herself courage...Wendy is right

Roxanne is right