The Ramayana

how does this great epic became part of the sacred hindu text?

> I'm sorry. I don't have any idea about it.. but, any answers will much appreciated.. thank you..

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Ramayana is one of the smritis,the scripture in narrative form, which can be assimliated by everybody and all in the world.It has become sacred because it elevates man, it teaches him eternal values of human living.Philosophy or Vedanta cannot be learnt by all.What people want is day to day guidance, enhancement in relationship, in material wealth, in success of their endeavours. Ramayana teaches moral values through the characters.When one watches each one's speech and actions, we learn how to conduct ourselves.It is for all caste and creed.It is the gift of the rishis to mankind, the manna from heavens, the taste-filled elixir for the human mind.

Why it is a scripture is because, if one reads it like a novel and comes to hasty conclusions, while any one is free to do, a constant reverential reading of it or just devoutedly listening to the syllables in each verse, the revelations for practical living are just coming forth right from the universe.

To cite an example, Supreme Court judges in India are said to read the Sundara Kand, before going to deliver critical judgements.The reason is Sunadar Kand speaks of Sita's purity.Purity means clarity.It gives clarity to the mind.

In any dilemna, it helps.It is peferctly okay to read it as fiction, because it is story, but what gives us benefit is the 'parayana', (constant chanting of verses)either by self or in a group,which acts in effect as the communion of individual soul. souls with the Maker/Universe.

Its practical merits are reported in following areas

1)marital conflicts

2)child delinquency

3)loss and retrieval of wealth

4)success in job/career

5)healing /increasing potency of medicines to cure deseases even upto level of TB and leprosy

6)recovery from burden of debts

7)to get the right spouse

So, it has the theological value of adding to quality of human life, not in one way but in countless and countless ways.

It will be the same new scripture even in future, as it has always been. Ram katha is sacred if it is told reverentially in any form, prose, poetry, songs, drama,TV shows,any where, any time.Hindus would fall at feet of children dressed as Ram and Sita in a fancy dress competition.They are the eternal role models.Whatever they did and spoke is for mankind to follow.

If one does not understand it is the first time of reading it, again reading it,asking questions reverentially and listening constantly to Ram kathas(Ramayana narratives), will enhance human living.

It acts like a mirror to the human soul.It tells the soul how it is, gives the guidance on how to better one 's self.It helps us to internalise problems, and make self corrections.

It is a man/woman -building scripture.


Gita Press Text of Valmiki Ramayana and Rama charit Manas and kamba ramayan in Tamil.