The Prince

american government advise from "the Prince"

using a recent power struggle in the American government, analyze it using specific support from the book

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Basically Machiavelli gives the prince some of his knowledge on good leadership and government. Some of it can be attributed to American politics today but we must understand that politics today is a very different beast than politics in 1511. Still, in terms of say history,Machiavelli points out that, “a prince should read history and reflect on the actions of great men.” That's not bad advice for any government including an Ameican one. In terms of spending Machiavelli felt it was better for a prince to be thought a miser if it means he is able to keep his state financially secure, and to reserve money for when it is most needed. During these trying times of the American economy, many feel this approach is warranted. You can Check out more at my GradeSaver link below,