The Poisonwood Bible

How do you measure guilt and sin in The Poisonwood Bible?

Within the Poisonwood bible (PWB) most of the characters have made sins and feel guilty but without this would the book be less important so how do you measure guilt and sin in the PWB as it took the death of a child to get Orleanna’s butt in gear which you can observed Orleanna's guilt and inability to forgive herself. So think about that and leave a opioion

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The questions are "what is really a sin" "who should really feel guilty?" Congolese women with uncovered breasts are seen by Nathan as a sin of immodesty, but the Price women in desses that don't cover their lower legs are seen as inappropriate by the arican women. Are either of these sins in the context?

Can Nathan avoid sinning by hiding behind bible verses and ignoring his responsibility as a parent and husband?

If Orleanna can't carry two children during the night of the ant swarm, is she really guilty? She will feel guilty but probably isn't. This the great thing about PWB, it challenges us to think and consider these moral issues without handing us any easy answers. Thinking is good! Without the ethical dilemmas of the characters, the coming of age of the girls and the maturing of their convictions, the book certainly wouldn't have had the widespread appeal it has experienced.