The Poisonwood Bible

Explain the significance of language in the novel.

How there are different African languages and then English.

Who actually knows the African language and how that pertains.

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Lingala is the language used in the region of the Congo where the Prices live. Most of the words in this language have multiple meanings making it difficult for newcomers to catch on and understand. What each word pertains to is signified by differences in the manner each tone is uttered. Adah caught onto this fact quickly, and thus loved the language. Her sisters followed suit. Unlike the women, Nathan never caught on, and because of this his sermons were never quite right. In fact, each week he preached about how Christ is a fatal Poisonwood Tree rather than dearly beloved.

I'm not sure what you mean by the beginning of your question though. What do you mean, "How there are different African languages and then English?"