Robert Frost: Poems

What is Silas character like? "The death of he hired man"

describe what you know about Silas character. Use detailed from the poem to support your ideas.

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Silas is an unreliable farmhand who has worked for Mary and Warren several times in the past. After a long period of absence, Silas returns to the farm and asks Mary and Warren to let him work for them again. In actuality, Silas is returning to the farm to die. Although it is suggested that he has a wealthy brother, Frost makes it clear that Silas prefers to have his last moments with Mary and Warren because of their kindness and compassion. Because Silas dies by the last line of the poem, it seems likely that he knew that he would be too sick to work at the farm. Yet, out of pride (or perhaps embarrassment), Silas does not beg Warren and Mary for a place to die, but instead suggests the more honorable bargain of a room in exchange for work.