The Picture of Dorian Gray

literarry elements

"There was a rustle of chirruping sparrows in the green lacquer leaves of the ivy, and the blue cloud shadows hased themselves acrosss the grass like swallows"

"subtle smile"

Find the literary elements and provide commentary on how it reflects with the story.

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First one is simile using like to compare the clouds to swallows.

This is alliteration - repetition of the "s."

Basil had introduces Dorian to Lord Henry Wotton. Basil wonders if his infatuation with Dorian is excessive. Basil admires Dorian to the point of adulation and paints many portraits of him, finally creating his masterpiece, the titular picture. Lord Henry counters that the world of love and young emotion are to be celebrated and not hidden. He uses natural imagery and figurative language to describe the sensual pleasure of emotion and infatuation.

And how delightful other people's emotions were!--much more delightful than their ideas, it seemed to him. One's own soul, and the passions of one's friends--those were the fascinating things in life. He pictured to himself with silent amusement the tedious luncheon that he had missed by staying so long with Basil Hallward.