The Phantom Tollbooth

What does "time and tide wait for no man" mean?

chapter 3 in pages 32-38

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In essence, the meaning is quite clear..... time doesn't stop.... and it doesn't pause. The same goes for the tides that rise and recede in a timelt fashion. Wasting time means to lose it..... it waits for no one.

Then we were given the job of seeing that no one wasted time again," he said, sitting up proudly. "It's hard work but a noble calling. For you see"—and now he was standing on the seat, one foot on the windshield, shouting with his arms outstretched— "it is our most valuable possession, more precious than diamonds. It marches on, it and tide wait for no man, and "


The Phantom TollBooth

Tock the watchdog said it when they were leaving doldrums. it means that time cannot stop either does tide or waves. when we are wasting time, we cannot get it back. the wasted time cannot be refunded as well as it cannot stop. same is the case with tides.