The Perks of Being a Wallflower

describe one central relationship ?

in the novel 

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Sam is a beautiful brown-haired, green-eyed girl who wins Charlie's affection from the first days of their friendship. She is the step-sister of Patrick and a close friend of Charlie's, and her conversations with Charlie both reveal information about Charlie's background and help Charlie to process and reflect upon his concerns. Sam assists Charlie in becoming more comfortable in his own skin, bringing him into her group of misfit and outcast friends, as well as encouraging him to participate more in society; for instance, Charlie fills in for a missing actor in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Sam's urging. Despite Charlie's fervent love for Sam, she is not interested in him at first: she believes she is too old for him, and she is also dating Craig, a young man who is beyond high school age. Throughout Charlie's contact with Sam, the young woman enables him to grow and reflect in positive ways.