The Pearl

Why is it important to Juana that Kino be the one to throw the pearl back into the sea ?

This question is for homework . But I can't find any parts of the story in which Juana wants Kino to throw the pearl back into the sea .

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Juana to Kino after the first night's attacker has bloodied Kino's head: "Throw it away, Kino. Let us break it between stones. Let us bury it and forget the place. Let us throw it back into the sea. It has brought evil. Kino, my husband, it will destroy us" (Page 50).

Juana is the one who keeps her head through the story. The pearl brings evil into their lives, but Kino has to be the one to see the evil and wish it gone. In a way this has to do with culture; she can suggest thingsa to Kino, she can even advise him, but she cannot make decisions for him.


The Pearl