The Pearl

Why don't know where Juana is hiding?

Chapter 6

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You know, I don't think Juana hides in chapter 6. Kino wants her to but she refuses. Check out this quote,

"Juana," he said, "I will go on and you will hide. I will lead them into the mountains, and when they have gone past, you will go north to Loreto or to Santa Rosalia. Then, if I can escape them, I will come to you. It is the only safe way."

She looked full into his eyes for a moment. "No," she said. "We go with you."

"I can go faster alone," he said harshly. "You will put the little one in more danger if you go with me."

"No," said Juana.

"You must. It is the wise thing and it is my wish," he said.

"No," said Juana.

He looked then for weakness in her face, for fear or irresolution, and there was none. Her eyes were very bright. He shrugged his shoulders helplessly then, but he had taken strength from her. When they moved on it was no longer panic flight.

Juana is using the natural brush to hide both herself and Coyotito. She is able to be completely still and knows how to quiet the baby so that he does not really betray their hiding place. She is incredibly alert even as she is completely moveless. She knows the danger of the men chasing them and understands ways in which she could evade capture.