The Pearl

why do you think no one approached kino and juana as they returned to la paz?

those questions are about steinbeck

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Kino and Juana arrive back in La Paz; he carries a gun while she carries her shawl with a limp, heavy bundle. Their return to La Paz becomes a notable event: "there may e some old ones who saw it, but those whose fathers and whose grandfathers told it to them remember it nevertheless. It is an event that happened to everyone." Juana appears hardened and tight with fatigue. Kino thinks of the Song of the Family, which has become his battle cry. As they return to La Paz, nobody speaks to them and even Juan Tomas cannot bear to say a word. Kino and Juana approach the gulf, and in the surface of the pearl Kino remembers seeing Coyotito lying in the cave with his head shot away. Kino throws the pearl into the ocean.


I'm not sure what I think, but I HOPE their silence comes from shame. Everyone in the village wished to exploit the family and take advantage of them in one way or another. They returned with everything they'd wanted, but they had never counted on returning with the lifeless body of their son.