The Pearl

Why do Kino's people sing songs?

This is in chapter two.

I need help coming up with an example of a song, and telling why it was sung.

If you can help thanks.

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Song of the Pearl that Might Be: The Song of the Pearl that Might Be is what Kino hears when he is diving for pearls. This is the sound of his own hope that he will find a great pearl that will provide his family with luxury and peace.


Two songs mentioned in this chapter are Song of the Pearl That Might Be and the Song of the Undersea- these songs serve as a form of prayer.

"Kino and Juana return home and go out to gather pearls in Kino's canoe, the one valuable thing he owns. Kino's father and grandfather had handed that canoe down to him along with the secret way to refinish the plaster so that it remained sea worthy over the years. The canoe is his legacy, along with the ancient songs, and he is proud of it. He uses the canoe to hunt for pearls and provide for his family."