The Pearl

What qualities of "women" does Juana have that may save them ?

list at least 5 and have them all from chapter 5

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-Juana always knew this Pearl was ominous (bad luck) her own intuition knew that it was going to destroy her family. By chapter five Juana is going to throw the pearl back into the ocean.

-Juana knows that when Kino said that he is a man, he meant that he was "half-insane and half-god" and knows as a woman that "the mountain would stand while the man broke himself; that the sea would surge while the man drowned in it."

Juana finds the pearl for Kino. Unlike KIno, her intuition tells her that they will never be sake in their home; they must flee if Kino insists on keeping the Pear.

Juana, like all mothers worries mostly for her baby.

Juana knows her husband is losing his soul to the pearl as Kino later tells his brother, "if I give it up I shall lose my soul."