The Pearl

What is meant by Light Imagery in the Novel?

Moon..the pearl

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Light imagery is imagery that brings hope and life to a mostly grim situation. Light imagery is often used to change mood and tone in the story. There is a dichotomy between light and dark imagery in The Pearl. There are good things in Kino's life that are often illuminated by the rising sun. Dark imagery also invades kino's life. They are always being chased at night. Darkness often envelopes them as they flee from henchmen. The moon is a bit if light imagery in the darkness, "Only his eyes searched the darkness, and in the pale light of the moon that crept through the holes in the brush house Kino saw Juana arise silently from beside him." The moon can also be seen as a constant reminder of what Kino used to see, of the contentment he used to have.


The Pearl Chapter 5