The Pearl

What did the doctor do the esconde time he come? Who was in the house and what did they say? How did the doctor find out where the pearl was hidden? What happend during the night?

plis si very important,thanks

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The doctor gave Coyotito an anecdote to counteract the poison he gave him earlier that day.

"The poison it has worked," he said. "I think I can defeat it. I will try my best." He asked for water, and in the cup of it he put three drops of ammonia, and he pried open the baby's mouth and poured it down. The baby spluttered and screeched under the treatment, and Juana watched him with haunted eyes. The doctor spoke a little as he worked. "It is lucky that I know about the poison of the scorpion, otherwise-" and he shrugged to show what could have happened. But Kino was suspicious, and he could not take his eyes from the doctor's open bag, and from the bottle of white powder there.

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The Pearl